Photo of Diane Kremer working on jewelry through a magnifying glass

Artist Statement

My medium of choice is polymer clay.  Polymer is a miraculous material that can do just about anything.  It is compatible with so many art products from across the mixed-media spectrum that the sky is the limit creatively speaking.  Some of my favorite materials to work with on polymer include acrylic paint, ink, metal leaf, pastel, mica powder and resin.   In addition, I often use leather and semi-precious gemstones in my finished work.

I am primarily inspired by color and texture.  I approach my work with a spirit of experimentation and play, many times without an end result in mind.  Often enough, the clay and I take a joyful journey together and end up somewhere new and unexpected.


I began my professional career as a computer engineer and worked in high-tech for 20 years. It was rewarding and I enjoyed it very much.  Changing careers never entered my mind until I was laid off during the great recession.  A world of possibilities opened up.  Could I travel a completely different road?  Could I turn my jewelry making hobby into a business?  Could I make jewelry that was art?

I believe I was a “maker” long before the term was coined but I never considered myself an artist.  I believed that artists were born, not made.  I have since discovered that many different paths can make one an artist as long as you love what you do and work hard to grow and improve.

Now I am working full-time as an artist and am selling my work at juried art fairs and on my website.  I am thrilled to be included in the Museum of Boulder’s “Drawing Parallels” exhibit and to be showing full time at the Lincoln Gallery in Loveland, CO and the Firehouse Art Center in Longmont, CO.  I am an active member of the East Boulder County Artists Association, Mile High Polymer Clay Guild, Longmont Polymer Clay Guild and I am the current president of the Rocky Mountain Bead Society.